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The Putting Arc

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The Putting Arc is a revolutionary new training device, which will guide you to a simple, repeatable, and understandable approach to putting. The Putting Arc will assist you in developing a confidence when standing over your putter felt by only a small percentage of golfers, a confidence in your ability to direct the golf ball exactly where you intend. The Putting Arc works because it guides the putter head in pure planar rotation about an axis which passes through the golfers spine, at the T3 vertebrae between the shoulders. This means that the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders all stay connected throughout the putting stroke. The Putting Arc has radial lines on its top. This important feature shows the correct clubface alignment at each point in the stroke. This alignment is just as important as the clubhead path! The patented Putting Arc T3 has been used without compensation by over 400 touring pros with more than 100 professional wins and can be used by right and left handers alike.

Our Price:   $39.95